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Sabaragamuwa Province
Offering the visitor a hypnotizing scenic beauty and a fascination of an everlasting nostalgia, the splendour that Sabaragamuwa bestows to its viewer never becomes inferior to that of anything that Sri Lanka can render within its borders. In its multifaceted landscape of gorgeous hilly mountains of rainy forest to plain valleys of countless inestimable gems, the variety that Sabaragamuwa carries in its ever fluctuating climatic conditions pleases even a blind man.
sinharaja udawalawa
sinharaja Kithulgala

Everywhere the eyes can see is the lush, green vegetation where the birds singing their heart out, the Romantics would love to reside never to leave for composing another round of sublime compilation of poems. The sacred Adam's Peak, evidence of pre-historic ancientness scattered all over the region, the virgin rainforest Sinharaja, innumerable fauna and flora of high bio-diversity and ecological importance right cross the province, world famous gems, Cristal clear water beds, the elephants all around, rich cultural heritage with full of events throughout the year, adventure driven landscape, comfortable and safe stay absolutely lure the eyes with a taste.

Sabaragamuwa was chosen as the cradle of the earliest known man. Sabaragamuwa the aboard of homo sapien balangodansis , the earliest known man in Sri Lanka begins an important chapter in the island's story. Bellanbendipallessa near Kalthota, Batadomba and Batathota near in and around Kuriwita, Belilena in Kithulgala, Alulena near Dedigama and many such caves spread across Sabaragamuwa were in one time or another home to prehistoric man and its descendents. There are also many such places, according to folklore, associated with the legendary king Rawana.

bopath falls gems


Sabaragamuwa is the 8th largest province in Sri Lanka in area and located in the south west of the island. It covers an extent of 4,968km2 (496,800 ha) which is 7.6% of the total land area of the island.

The province comprises two administrative districts namely Ratnapura and Kegalle. Ratnapura district is larger having an area of 3,275 km2 (5% of Sri Lanka’s land area) while Kegalle covers an area of 1,673 km2 (only 2.6% of the size of Sri Lanka).


The total population of Sabaragamuwa was 1,919,478 according to latest census in 2011 and they were distributed by districts of Ratnapura and Kegalle as 1,082,299 and 837,179 respectively.

Ethnic and Religious Composition

The ethnic composition of the population reveals that the Sinhalese as the majority (86.3%) while Sri Lankan Tamil, Indian Tamil and Sri Lanka Moor population comprise 2.3%, 6.9% and 4.2% respectively. Indian Tamil population was declining by 1.7% and Muslims were increasing slightly (0.8%) during 1981-2001. The religious balance of the population shows that 85.8% of total population is Buddhists, 8% are Hindus, 4.4% are followers of Islam and 1.2% is Roman Catholics. 1981 census shows that Buddhists have increased by 0.8% and Hindus have decreased by 1.7%.

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