Vision of the Program : Payroll program training for payroll officers Improve existing knowledge about Payroll program. Minimizing problems arising in the use of the Payroll program Training other officers on Payroll program Ensuring timely payment of salaries Salary banking using slip method Minimize problems faced by officers in processing of pay
Contents : To provide understanding about wage preparation Linking the Payroll Program to Payroll Processing Installation of Payroll Program Identify the basic structure of the Payroll program Preparation of master files Monthly data entry Payroll processing and checking of errors Identifying potential errors and resolving them Receipt of records Data protection and security
Target Group : Sabaragamuwa Provincial Public Service Secondary Level Officers (Accounting Staff)
No. of Participants : 38
Start Date : 2022-12-15
No. of Days : 03 (2022-12-15, 2022-12-16, 2022-12-21)
Time Duration : 08:30 am to 04:30pm
Application closing date : 2022-12-14
Location : Management Development & Training Center -Pussella
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